Click here for the 2017 Untold Stories Project Schedule of Events

The Untold Stories Project is a community project, in which a safe space is created so that people can tell stories or hold space for others in which one may feel or has felt shame from. In creating this space for sharing, it is an opportunity to heal and to start feeling like we are not alone in our journey.

After participating in USP, by telling your story or listening to others, groups will be formed with others with have similar stories, to work together on projects. The purpose is on making an impact in the community and reaching others who may be isolated and hopeless. There is an option to have the stories recorded for personal growth, a podcast, documentary, and/or a book.

Now is the time to stand up to the cycle we continue to let happen because we feel these stories should be kept a secret. How can the next generation learn from us, if we cannot get “the real”, into our conversations? The point of this project is to break down the walls, stop sweeping issues under the carpet, and give people the opportunity to learn from their experiences. People still think they are alone or no one understands what they are or have gone through. Stop the suffering and allow people to move forward instead of letting the past hold them down.

Everyone has an important story to tell, something raw, vulnerable, and close to them.


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